Friday, September 14, 2007

Fall TV Part ummmm.... oh yeah, V

Part I - Monday
Part II - Tuesday
Part III - Wednesday
Part IV - Thursday

I drink on Friday Nights so who cares, right? I assume that's what's running through your head. Anyway...

Me and The Futon Critic take you through Friday nights below.

Click on the schedule to enlarge:

So basically a whole bunch of crap I don't watch comes on Friday... wait... what's this? Oh, just NBC just intentionally sabotaging my favorite show last season, Friday Night Lights. Assholes. Other than FNL, it really doesn't matter what you watch. I'm done. And angry.

On the plus side, I plan to do Friday Night Lights blog posts just as I plan to for Lost, 24, The Office, etc. Should be a blast.

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