Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fall TV: Part II

Part I

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Tuesday: click the schedule to enlarge

Where do I begin? Tuesday is looking terrible. Like, really bad.

Let's jump straight to the debacle that is ABC's Cavemen. Yup, the amusing, yet progressively more annoying, cavemen from the Geico commercials have their own primetime sitcom. Even if it is funny, it won't be better than the "roast duck with mango salsa" line. I'm gonna give it a shot, just so I don't miss the hoopla, I'll be screwed if it's actually good. But it won't be good so... crisis averted.

It's obvious that Cavemen is just a cheap trick to keep folks on the station at 8:30 when Carpoolers airs. This show's premise has promise and should fit right in with other dialogue heavy comedies that are hot right now (I think?). But it is ABC, so I guess we'll see.

After that, we've got more of the same. A CSI incarnation, some reality crap and House, which looks like it will hold down my 9:00 time slot. I just hope there are a lot of Tuesday night Sixers games this season.

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