Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Finally, I have an excuse to be lazy again

The 2007 Fall TV Season is right around the corner, and I'm predicting big things. My buddy over at Smedelicious already gave her picks for the new season, and I think I'll take this time to do the same.

Lets break it down by night with the help of The Futon Critic:

Monday (click the image to view the schedule)

In my opinion, ABCs Monday nights are looking mighty sh*tty. Bunch of reality crap, but at least its time tested reality crap like Dancing with the Stars, Wife Swap, and The Bachelor which I didn't even know still came on. I'm sure ABC affiliate ESPN's airing of Monday Night Football has something to do with that.

CBS is coming with more of the same. Hopefully the Big Bang Theory has potential. But I'm not watching it so, let me know.

I'll probably check out NBC's Chuck, only because I like everything they've been putting out there lately. (But f*ck em for taking their shows off of iTunes.)

Let's see... still not watching Fox's Prison Break.

Everybody Hates Chris is back on the CW. Hands down the best show on the station (not in a smartest kid on the short bus way either). I'm also looking forward to the new show following it, Aliens in America. That's my 8-9 hour right there. Then I'm flipping to football on ESPN at 9.

Comeback later for Tuesday.

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