Thursday, September 06, 2007

Part III

Welcome to the wonderful world of Wednesday tv.

Part I - Mondays
Part II - Tuesdays

Of course, many thanks to The Futon Critic. Check it out for more information on the fall lineup.

Wednesdays - click the schedule to enlarge

Last year, Wednesday was my favorite night of television. Friday Night Lights and Lost (with a solid halftime break from 9-10) made planning easy. This year? We'll see...

ABC is coming with the brand new, highly anticipated Pushing Daisies and it looks like its got potential to be a hit. Following Daisies, I'll be changing the channel 'cause Private Practice, a Grey's Anatomy spin-off, is up at 9.

So at 9, looks like I'll be flipping over to NBC to watch the train wreck that will be the Bionic Woman. Then at 10, i think I'll take it to cable with BET's (yes, BET) College Hill: Interns and my future ex-mistress, Keyshia Cole's reality show: The Way it Is.

I'm not sure when Lost is coming back, but when it does, it will definitely solidify Wednesday night, much like 24's hold on Monday nights.

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  1. I was talking today about how terrible an idea the Bionic Woman remake is. I might have to make my own post on it.