Monday, September 10, 2007

Fall TV Part IV: Thursday

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Part II - Tuesdays
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Thursday nights are typically a solid night for TV, if not the best night. It looks like this fall is no different.

Get more information on this fall's TV lineup and shows at The Futon Critic.

Thursdays - click the schedule to enlarge

The heat starts right at 8:00 on the Big 3 (CBS, ABC, NBC) with heavy hitters like Survivor (haven't watched since season 2), Ugly Betty (nope, don't watch. looks ok though), and one of my favorite shows My Name is Earl.

Once you start on NBC, you're done for the night because they have the next hour and a half locked down, as long as you like hilarious sitcoms. At 8:30, I'll finally be giving 30 Rock a decent chance after watching it half-assed last season.

Then at nine, all hell breaks loose. Season 4 of the Office begins and if there's one show that I recommend you don't miss, it's got to be the office. Amazingly, the show continues to get better with time, vastly improving from its rocky first half a season.

At 9:30 you'll be pleased to see that Scrubs has not been canceled and is entering its 7th (and hopefully last) season.

At 10, i can guarantee you that I will NOT be watching Big Shots, the Desperate Housewives for guys crapfest. I'm just gonna flip over to FX (once I spend 10 minutes trying to find it) and catch back to back episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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