Monday, December 07, 2009

Top 30 Rap Singles of the 00s: 10-6

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10. Scarface featuring Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel: Guess Who's Back (2002)

When these dudes get together, magic is made (ayo!). This particular joint is off of Scarface's Five-mic rated album: The Fix and was produced by Kanye West. Takes me back to exactly where I was in 2002.

9. Fabolous: Breathe (2004)

When Fabolous first hit the scene he was a laid-back punchline rapper who many feel like just stole Mase's whole style and ran with it. He dropped a few ok albums and seemed content with making poppy singles for the ladies. Then he dropped this. And then continued doing the former. Meh, at least we got his full potential in one single. Just Blaze!

8. Jay-Z: Public Service Announcement (2003)

"Allow me to reintroduce myself...". Just Blaze brought the energy, Hov provided the vocals, and the rest is history. Although the song/interlude was relegated to a part of the Dirt Off My Shoulder video, its overall imapact is undeniable and compounded by the fact that this was supposed to be among Jay's last efforts.

7. M.O.P.: Ante Up (2000)

I can't believe this was released this decade. The Mash Out Posse's biggest hit brought a little of that heavy metal vibe to rap and had a blockbuster remix with even more energy. It's impossible to listen to this joint without some severe head-nodding and screwfacing.

6. Clipse: Grindin (2002)

The Clipse seemingly came out of nowhere with this Neptunes produced banger featuring the hardest drums anyone had heard in a minute. Although no one could tell Malice from Pusha T and vice versa, their coke-infused rhymes somehow united backpackers, hipsters and hardcore rap fans. Oh, and PeeWee Kirkland. Had to mention him.

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  1. breathe should be in the 30-21 range...please get better at this

  2. obviously i disagree. luckily i'm the one with the blog, lol.