Saturday, December 05, 2009

Top 30 Rap Singles of the 00s: 20-11


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20. Styles P. featuring Pharaohe Monch:
My Life (2002)

I know some of you are a little surprised to see this on the list, but My Life was one of the realest songs to come out this decade, and showcases Styles' ability to relay struggle and triumph in a few short verses.

19. The Diplomats: I Really Mean It (2003)

Just Blaze blessed the Dipset with this gem of a beat right during the peak of their popularity and may have retired the sped-up soul sample. I really mean it. "See what I just did?" - Cam.

18. T.I.: What You Know (2006)

T.I.'s most epic song helped catapult him to the next level of rap superstardom and dominated the airwaves for months. Around this time, Tip seemed like nothing could stop him and well... technically, he stopped himself.

17. Lil Wayne: Fireman (2005)

People have mentioned Go DJ as Weezy's coming-out-as-a-legit-lyricist song, others say A Milli was the moment. Personally, the song that made me realize dude was going to be a problem is Fireman, packed full of metaphors and hilarious punchline after punchline.

16. Jadakiss feat. Styles and Eve: We Gon Make It (2001)

I think I linked the remix, not the original, but who cares? This song was about one thing, that Alchemist beat! Kids today (how old am I!?) probably can't believe a joint like this used to bump in the clubs.

15. Foxx featuring Lil Boosie and Webbie: Wipe Me Down (2007)

Speaking of the club, I'd like to nominate this for club banger of the decade. And who/where the hell is Foxx? This WAS originally his song and all.

14. Kanye West: Can't Tell Me Nothing (2007)

Now THIS is how you launch a great album. The song, the lyrics, the beat, the video, Jeezy's adlibs... everything was near perfect and the perfect broke cat's anthem at that time. Take it from me.

13. UGK featuring Outkast: International Players Anthem (2007)

What. A. Sample. Produced by Three Six and Mafia and absolutely destroyed by all four rappers, Players Anthem should be a staple at wedding receptions for years to come. The way the beat drops for Pimp C was one of the single greatest moments in hip hop history.

12. Nas: Ether (2001)

Was this even a single? Does it matter? Do I need to say anything else? I remember the moment I first read the lyrics to this joint (yup, the lyrics leaked before the track somehow. Ah, 2001.) It's a shame this is the song that initially launched Ron Browz's shameful career.

11. Three 6 Mafia: Stay High (2006)

This is Three 6 Mafia's biggest hit of their illustrious career for good reason. Crowd's around the country still go crazy when this joint drops. Also, this remains the only song I'll ever perform in karaoke.

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  1. I just can't figure out how Stay Fly is a better song than Ether. I would move We Gon Make It to the 20's and move International Players Anthem up some more. (I think that beat drop saved a wack Pimp C verse, RIP though) I never took wipe me down seriously as a song though, so I wouldn't rate it. Its fun to listen to, but its like Bangs to me ( not nearly as wack though)

  2. Oh and What You Know about That has to be Top 10

  3. Man you must have never lived in the club MrWalker. Wipe me down and Player's Anthem are easily top 15, I would move Ether into the top 10. Without ranking here's whats missing:

    All Falls Down
    Dirt of Your Shoulder
    In Da Club
    Lean Back
    Grinding (personally I would go with When's the Last Time and put it around #25 but I know Aaron)
    Jesus Walks/Slow Jamz (one of those 2)?
    Lights, Camera, Action remix

    Damn, this is hard