Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A proper funeral for one of the funniest shows ever

It's been a few years since Chappelle's Show went of the air, and enough time has passed to take a solid look at the show and see how it's aged. I think you'll agree that it's held up and was arguably the funniest show of all time.

Check out this King Magazine article, The Rise and Fall of Chappelle's Show. A funny excerpt from the article:

Rawlings: When I met Wayne Brady, he came up to me like, [imitating Wayne’s voice] “I just wanna say, I think you guys do amazing work on the show. It’s funny, phenomenal work. History in the making.” Blah, blah, blah. I’m looking at him with his voice, like, “This nigga really talk like Wayne Brady!” I said, “Nah man, you the n*gga!” He looked at me like, “Nobody has ever called me that type of n*gger before.” [Laughs]

Check out more Chappelle's Show videos if you wanna reminisce.

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