Friday, December 28, 2007

First Annual ALPY Awards Results

The results are in.

First, take a look back at the nominees.

Athlete of the Year
The Golden State Warriors
Probably the most exciting team in the NBA, the Warriors completed an improbable upset of the 67 win Dallas Mavericks after barely making the playoffs. Over the past 7 months, they've been the most exciting and enjoyable team in the league.

News story

TV Show of the Year
Friday Night Lights
Despite NBC's efforts, the show is still on the air and consistently delivers the best product on television. I've already tried to convince you, but here's an episode in case you don't believe me:

Movie of the Year
Superbad barely edges out Hot Fuzz as Movie of the Year. Barely. Both movies had me in tears while watching it. I actually saw Superbad twice in theaters and have watched it 2 more times since, and it's still hilarious.

Album of the Year
Getback - Little Brother
The duo's first album without producer 9th Wonder pretty much bangs from beginning to end. I'm not one to harp on hip hop sucking nowadays or anything, but if you're looking for a departure from typical radio rap, this is a great jawn to pick up.

10 min. Getback Sampler:

Well there you go. Wow that was boring.

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