Monday, December 10, 2007

First Annual ALPY Awards

Some information on the ALPYs:
  • If I haven't seen it, heard it, or care about it, then it's not nominated. Awards aren't necessarily given to the best, but to whatever I feel deserves the award. Kinda like real award shows.
  • 4 awards in 4 categories. No genres or subcategories, just the 4 main ones I blog about.
  • I'm aware I've missed some major stuff this year, please recommend anything you think I might like and hopefully I'll check it out before the winners are decided.
  • Ummmm... I guess that's it.
And the nominees are:

Album of the Year:
Movie of the Year:
TV Show of the Year:
Athlete of the Year


  1. you should do a "random story" category

  2. My votes are as follows.

    Album of the Year
    Evanescence - The Open Door (Aaron's secret #1 album of all time)

    Movie of the Year
    American Gangster

    TV Show
    It's Always Sunny

    Athlete of the Year
    Tom Brady