Sunday, August 12, 2007

The 2007 List

It's been a while since I did one of the ever-popular Top 10 Women lists. At some point over the last year, I deemed myself too mature to take the time and create another one. So here it is in no real order (unless noted):

Mya Harrison. Been on the list since like 99. No more talk is necessary.

Rosario Dawson. Never really impressed me until I saw 25th Hour. But since then :)

Scarlett Johansson. I think it was her character in Lost in Translation that did it.

Meagan Good. RDC's girl. She is getting better as she gets older.

Eva Mendes. She seems so fun. Seriously.

Rihanna. Long legged. She's everywhere right now so I didn't even bother finding great photos.

Jessica Simpson. Team Jessica over here.

Vanessa and Angela Simmons. First timers on the list. Cute girls w/ annoying voices.

Beyonce. I hate putting her on the list, but let's be real...

Lauren London. Flew under my radar for a while, but she's pretty damn cute.

Of course at this point you're wondering where the list staple, Davecia Carr, is. Well, over the years she has requested to long be included because she doesn't take her inclusion in the list seriously. However, she was and is number 1.

Wow, what a waste of time this was, lol.

Fellas, post your top 10 and ladies, post your top 10 dudes.

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  1. I can't believe you're still doing this.

    And I can't believe you're making me think about putting together another one.