Friday, July 20, 2007

Where my Dogs At?

In celebration of the wonderful sport of dogfighting...

Welcome to the First Annual Celebrity Dogfighting Tournament!

Dogs with super powers (Underdog) or mental problems (Cujo) were prohibited from entering the tournament. Any dog you would have liked to see participate and isn't a contestant was too cheap to pay the $500 entry fee.

Cartoon Region*:
1. Scooby Doo vs.
4. Odie

2. Astro vs.
3. Snoopy

*Hong Kong Phooey tested positive for banned substances and was ejected from the tournament.

Movie Region:
1. Hooch vs.
4. Toto

2. Benji vs.
3. Beethoven

TV Region:
1. Lassie vs.
4. Eddie

2. Rin Tin Tin vs.
3. Santa's Little Helper

Media-whore Region:
1. McGruff the Crime Dog vs.
4. Taco Bell Chihuahua

2. Spuds Mackenzie vs.
3. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

Every Friday expect to see an update to the tournament.

Feel free to let me know who you feel should win each match up... not that it can effect the results, I'm just an official. But then again...

Who do you have your money on?


  1. final 4

    snoopy v. hooch


    rin tin tin v. spuds makenzie



    spuds v. hooch

    winner and champion--spuds makenzie

  2. (This is Derek)

    Elite 8:

    Scooby vs Astro

    Hooch vs. Beethoven

    Lassie vs. Santa's Little Helper

    Taco Bell Chichuahua (the otherdog) vs. Spuds Mackenzie

    Final Four:

    Astro vs. Beethoven

    Lassie vs Spuds


    Astro vs. Lassie



  3. ChoosyLover says....

    my picks are;

    1st round - Odie, Astro, Toto, Beethoven, Eddie, Santas Helper, Mc Gruff, and Spuds

    2nd: Astro, Toto, Eddie, McGruff

    3rd: Astro, Eddie

    Final: Eddie