Monday, July 23, 2007

Trust me, this is not a sports blog... I swear

But there is nothing more interesting than the gossip (yes, gossip) surrounding sports these days. Mistreatment of animals, organized crime, drug use, altercations with police... and neither Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, or Lindsay LohAAAAn [(c) Weezy F. Baby] are involved! Nothing is more intriguing than Philly's own NBA referee/hustler Tim Donaghy and his thrilling story of mob connections and point shaving (as written by ESPN's Bill Simmons).

The best/worst part of the entire ordeal is the idea that he may be implicating other NBA refs as the investigation continues. LOL, I would love to see Joey Crawford in a Stop Snitchin shirt:

I also love how people are coming out of the woodworks to get at Tim.

Yesterday, his former neighbors in West Chester said that the NBA sicced a private investigator on Donaghy more than a year ago to investigate his gambling but let him work games all season long anyway.

"The NBA knew about his gambling," said former neighbor Pete Mansueto. "A lot of people were talking about it."

Donaghy's longtime caddie at the Radley Run Country Club in West Chester - which suspended the referee in 2004 for bad behavior - said the NBA referee ruffled feathers there as well
. "A lot of people felt he was rude," said Brent Devantier, 23.

Rude indeed.

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  1. Do you think this will have other sports looking at their refs and investigating potential threats?