Monday, April 09, 2012

Guess Who's Back?

With LMBAO on semi-permanent hiatus and WTF Is Michael Jordan Wearing? on its last legs of web relevance, it looks like I have to turn to ol trusty to get my half-baked thoughts and lame jokes to the masses. Well, here and Twitter.

This site has gone through a few different phases since 2006: a popcorn review blog, a pop-culture news aggregator, a Lost Live Blog wasteland (*sheds tear*), and probably a few more that I've forgotten (really not worth checking the archives). I figure it's about time to take the site to the next level of mediocrity ("mediocrity" may be too generous, actually).

Without getting into a bunch of details that we all know you couldn't care less about, I'll just say expect to see the blog to head in yet another direction for the foreseeable future. Should be a good time. For me, at least. 

1 comment:

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