Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Aziz Ansari IS Hip-Hop

So what dude is from a small, all-white town in South Carolina and happens to be ethnically Indian (I'm just saying... they're underrepresented in the genre), he bleeds hip hop.

Beyond all the chilling with Kanye and Hov and hitting up R. Kelly concerts, he is also apparently a competent DJ (the turntablist kind, not the typical celeb kind) and he's got a mixtape dropping soon under his alter-ego RAAAAAAAANDY (with 8 A's).

Check out Ansari getting it in on the turntables to announce the project and then listen to the first single. Guaranteed you laugh.



Download link


I'm gonna need a RAAAAAAAANDY featuring Tom Haverford joint on there.

Stay up to date at his official blog, Aziz Is Bored, or his Twitter.

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