Monday, October 06, 2008

Matt & Kim are the sh*t

Sorry for cursing.

My music posts are overwhelmingly hip-hop oriented (as they should be), but it's not the only type of music I enjoy. Recently me and The Cookbook Cook (update yo blog!!!) attended a music festival in upstate New York mainly to see Justice and MGMT. When we arrived at the festival, we were confronted with a sign that read "MGMT has cancelled". Ugh.

Basically, we figured the rest of the day would be spent watching countless boring-ass rock bands perform until Justice took the stage. And we were wrong. Thanks to a last minute phone call, the organizers where able to find a worthy replacement for MGMT. A cute high energy drummer named Kim, and a dorky looking dude with a keyboard named Matt come out to the main stage and crack a few jokes to get people's attention. Didn't really work. What did work was them breaking into Europe's "Final Countdown".

For the next half hour so, Matt and Kim took over the place with some ridiculously upbeat, feel good music performed with the craziest energy I've ever seen live. The two of them never ever stop smiling while on stage and even got into Dead Prez's "Hip Hop".

I was able to find video of them at the festival. Here they are performing "Yeah, Yeah" (peep the smile on Kim's face):

Another video of them at the festival. Things get crazy @ 2:15.

Since then, I've downloaded their 2006 album and haven't stopped playing it. Check out Matt & Kim 's site and myspace page for more of their music.

So... there ya go.

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  1. I would describe them as, A cute high energy dude with a keyboard named Matt and a dorky looking drummer named Kim.

    I've also started listening to them...and now they are on Pandora. But I will support them and pick up the download from itunes.