Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall TV Part III - Wednesdays

Wednesdays are a very generic mix of programming, eventually everyone will find something to watch. Unfortunately for me, I watch none of the shows. That does leave me open to check out a few things that I wouldn't have given a chance otherwise.

As usual, the schedule is courtesy of The Futon Critic.

Wednesday (click the image to view the schedule)

The first show I must check out is Pushing Daisies. The premise sounds like something perfect for a movie, and sounds so crazy that I can't believe I've never given the show a fair shake. It's on ABC at 9 and I'm gonna give it a shot for its second season premiere on 10/1. I mean, the show was nominated for 12 Emmys, where the hell have I been?

ABC rounds out the night with its other sophomore season shows, Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money. Looks like ABC at least had a solid plan for Wednesday night.

CBS brings back The Old Adventures of New Christine for a fourth season. She's still Elaine to me. After New Christine, is a new sitcom called Gary Unmarried. Title choice is horrible. Starring Jay Mohr? Yeah, count me out. More standard CBS fare follows Gary.

Knight Rider returns tomorrow on NBC. I can not believe I haven't made time to check this show out yet. Although, I do think "Hasselhoff" every time it's mentioned, that can't possibly help. The horrid America's Got Talent follows at 9pm. Coincidentally, Hasselhoff is a judge on the show, along with Jerry Springer and Sharon Osbourne and some other *sshole... NBC ebds their herky-jerky night with Lipstick Jungle which (if i'm not mistaken) is cut from the Desperate Housewives cloth.

Fox. Bones is back. Never really enjoyed Bones. Til Death surprisingly returns for another season. I've never found the show particularly funny and thought Back to You with Patricia Heaton and Kelsey Grammer was much better. Shows what I know. Fox unleashes another new comedy, called Do Not Disturb that I don't have much hope for. However, it's a nice change of scenery for a workplace show (a hotel) and despite the fact Jerry O'Connell stars in it (quick turnaround after Carpoolers) I think I'll check it out.

On cable, Top Design is current airing on Bravo. The amazingly entertaining Parking Wars returns to A&E (Philly!). South Park returns and is followed by a new David Allen Grier project called Chocolate News (I'm extremely worried about this one). Check out more Wednesday night cable here.

On the Direct TV channel, my beloved Friday Night Lights returns for its third season. Since I dont have Direct TV, I can only pray that an NBC premiere will occur at some point, or will at least have the episodes available online. If you haven't been watching, here's a reminder why you should, check the evidence.

I'll be back soon with Thursday.

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