Monday, August 25, 2008

As promised, Fall TV - Part I: Mondays

I did it last year, and it's already that time again.

No writers' strike this year, so this may not be a complete waste of time. Over the next week or so, I am going to break down each day of TV week with the help of television super-site The Futon Critic.

So, here's monday night.

Monday (click the image to view the schedule)

Ugh. Let's run through the major networks...

ABC really doesn't offer much for me. Dancing with the Stars amazingly lasts 90 minutes (has it always?) followed by Samantha Who?, another show I don't know much about but I hear good things. Then at 10, Boston Legal returns for yet another season.

CBS continues their sitcom-heavy Monday nights, which if you watch NFL Football on Sundays you will be bombarded with ads for ("and don't miss Two and a Half Men tomorrow evening blah blah blah"). Noteworthy here is Emmy-nominated How I Met Your Mother, entering it's fourth season and yet I still haven't seen an episode. After Neil Patrick Harris, CBS premieres a new show called Worst Week (check out a preview here) that I don't think I'll be checking out.

NBC is rolling with Chuck and Heroes, so they'll probably have Monday nights locked down. At ten, a new Christian Slater, yes Christian Slater, led show premieres called My Own Worst Enemy (preview). Since I have an irrational hatred of Slater, I'll pass.

Instead of beating around the bush by listing more mediocre programs, I'll just remind everyone that Monday Night Football is on 8:00 on ESPN. So... yeah.

Sorry for half-assing it, but Football > bad tv. Check out more on the Monday schedule at The Futon Critic.

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