Monday, February 04, 2008

Why people not interested pop culture shouldn't talk about it

Time Magazine rates the Super Bowl Ads.

Here is the ad:

Humorous right?

Here's a snippet of what the clueless guy had to say about it:

Across America, people are falling asleep: sportscasters, singers, valets, factory workers. Until they get a wake-up — and get an apparently uncontrollable head tic — from Pepsi Max, with "ginseng and extra caffeine." Bizarrely, closes with an irritated man yelling "STOP IT!" at two happy head bobbers, as if the commercial itself could not avoid noticing how stupid it is.

Sigh. The "Apparently Uncontrollable Head Tic" happens to be uncontrollably popular with people who were in the United States at any point over the last 10 years.

I'm not even going to waste my time searching for an actual clip of the famous SNL skit that was made into a major motion picture.

He does at least mention that in an update to his comments:

Update: The man at the end of the ad, readers point out, is Chris Kattan, and the head-bob a reference to A Night at the Roxbury. Not that I especially wanted to relive that movie.

I should have stopped reading the article right there because every time he attempted humor at that point it was just awkward. Why Time found this guy competent enough to review Super Bowl ads, when he apparently doesn't bother to be alive over the last decade, is confusing to me.


  1. I'm surprised that he didn't do any research before delivering his article. Sloppy journalism at its best.

  2. "...he apparently doesn't bother to be alive over the last decade..."

    That's better editorializing than any putz at Time could ever come up with.