Monday, October 22, 2007

New Popcorn Review (gasp): Ritz Theatres

Specifically, the Ritz East.

Checked out We Own the Night this weekend and was impressed by the movie, as well as the popcorn. Not my first trip to the Ritz but since I was starving, I paid close attention to the concessions, which are amazingly affordable.

The Good: The butter was applied by what seemed to be a butter applying expert, just the perfect amount. I asked for no salt, and got no salt. Genius. I spent 10 minutes wondering why it tasted so good compared to other area theaters.

I realized, the thing that made it perfect was: they didn't try to improve on an already perfect snack. Just popped the damn popcorn, put it in a bag, and sold it. How hard is that?

Needless to say, 45 minutes into the movie the popcorn was gone. And no gassy stomachache afterwards!

The Bad: A lot of loose shells, but magically avoided getting stuck in my teeth. Helps that I was swallowing kernels whole due to my borderline starvation.

The Ugly: After my girl reached into the bag three times, I threatened to buy another bag because it was too good.

The Random: Eva Mendes' booby seemingly pops out in this movie, but I'm pretty sure it was a body double. The breast looked nothing like I imagined it.

Official ALP Rating: 4.75 outta 5


  1. I should have gone to see the boobie...I mean movie

  2. I'm impressed by the Ritz non traditional snacks. Not everyone wants popcorn or nachos (which i'm pretty sure they didn't have), some of us want cookies.