Thursday, July 26, 2007

Michael Cera: Comedy Legend

<--- Is there anything funnier than headshots? Nope.

With Superbad coming to theaters around the country on August 17th, and Arrested Development still getting daily play on ummm... my DVD player (okay, and G4), I wanted to take a moment to recognize the pure genius of Michael Cera.

Cera was arguably the funniest character on arguably the funniest show of all time and back in May, him and his boy launched I've only watched 5 minutes of their latest one, but the sh*t looked hilarious to me, so I'll street team it blindly. Apparently, their webisodes have been picked up and are going to be developed into something CBS is working on... I know, I know, I'm upset also. I'm not looking forward to watching football on Sunday and hearing Dick Enberg say "After football, check out teen sensation Michael Cera and his buddy Clark's hilarious hijinks on... blech.

The crazy thing is, dude is only 19. 19!?! What was I doing at 19. Hmmmm... wishing I was Michael Cera at 19.

I'll just leave it here because I have trouble not hating on the accomplishments of people younger than me (hate, hate, hate) and I want to leave Cera as the gold standard of living the dream.

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  1. I LOVE Micheal Cera he is sooo FUNNY and really HOTT!!