Saturday, April 08, 2006

Review #2 - AMC Marple 10

AMC Marple 10
Springfield, PA

Sigh. One day after enjoying the popcorn of Dale & Thomas, I had to endure the sub-par offerings of Marple. I assumed it would be standard movie theater popcorn, but this bag was exceptionally awful, which is unacceptable for a Friday night. Just like most movie popcorn, the kernels are tinted yellow, I guess to give the image of butter. Then after you purchase the popcorn they have a station with fake butter, I think its called Popcorn Topping or something... yes, I used it. They also had a salt shaker there, which is ridiculous because the popcorn was already heavily salted. Actually, heavily isn't the word for it. I'm pretty sure 'disgusting' fits the bill.

At first, I didn't notice how bad it was cause I was starving. After a few handfuls I had downed half my Cherry Coke, which is why I noticed how salty this popcorn was. But of course that didn't stop me. Two-thirds the way through the bag there were nothing but crushed kernels and those hard-ass, teeth shattering half-popped pieces. That s**t is infuriating, especially when you spent 5 dollars for it.

So, without further ado...

The Good
I was seeing Inside Man which ended up being pretty good, so it took my mind off the bag of crap in my lap.
The popcorn was warm.
There was no line at the concession stand. Like I said before, it counts.

The Bad
I hate when the kernels are yellow. Why are they yellow?
It had that powdery texture that bad popcorn always has.

The Ugly
Artificial Popcorn Topping??? At least make it sound more appetizing.

The Random
Marple charges $8.50 a ticket now. WTF???

Official ALP Rating: 2.5 outta 5

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  1. Tony Dickens4/14/06, 1:54 PM

    I find it funny how 'the good' had nothing to do with the actually popcorn, itself.

    Damn it, now I want some popcorn. But I don't know which one to get. When's the 'Smartfood' Porncorn review coming?